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We've Been Providing Stress-Free IT For business for over 25 years


Techspedite is an experienced IT Service provider based out of Humble, TX, providing The Greater Houston area over 25 Years of IT experience, support, and solutions to businesses just like yours.

We will provide you with the highest quality support for your network, server, workstations, desktop computers, as well as mobile devices like laptops and tablet devices. We’re not your common IT company; the team at Techspedite won’t bore you to death with “geek-speak” or belittle you for any of your IT issues. We believe in building relationships with our clients and hope to build one with you and your company.

As an experienced IT Service Provider for small businesses, we believe that computers and technology should work for you and your business. We too get frustrated with complicated solutions that focus on the technology and forget that people have to use it. People are at the heart of our business. We serve you by making your computer systems work as efficiently and seamlessly as possible.

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The Method in Which We Operate Our Business

Our Core Values

Quality Without Compromise

Our mission is to provide quality products and services. Sometimes in our business, the problem is indeed critical and time is of the essence, our approach is not to react but instead to respond. We want to provide solutions that not only fix the short term problem, but also help the client move their business forward.

Techspedite is a TEAM

We value each Techspedite team member and as we continue to grow, we will look for people with similar values and beliefs that can add value to the overall company culture. We support team members both in their personal and work lives as the growth of the team equates to growth of the company.

Small-Business Savvy

We’re more than just "IT guys" – we’re small business owners too, and we understand what you are going through. After taking the time to truly understand your needs, we give recommendations that help you reach your goals. We work to understand your specific business operations. We help guide you in deciding what technology to choose to allow you to achieve your professional and personal goals.

Predictable IT Expenses

For small to medium-sized businesses, it’s hard to budget variable expenses. Our most popular service plans have a fixed price. You know EXACTLY what to expect each month with no surprises, which makes budgeting for IT expenses painless.

Integrity in all we do

Integrity is so important to any business’ future success. We desire to always do what is right and in the best interest of our clients, vendors and team members. We strive for long lasting relationships by gaining trust through exceptional performance.

Passion for the Brand

As a local, family-owned business, the team at Techspedite has an unmatched passion for our brand. We believe that we are only as good as our last interaction and we strive to make each one as memorable as possible.