Data Backup & Recovery Houston, TX

Having access to reliable data backup services protects vital business information.

We help local businesses find data backup and recovery solutions that fit your needs. Data loss can be a tragic turn of events if you don’t have the proper help. Fortunately, our team will create copies of your data in secure locations to ensure a quick recovery in the event of a data loss preventing it from turning into a disaster.

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Data Backup & Recovery Services in Houston, TX
We protect your sensitive information with a data backup strategy suitable for your operations

Data Backup & Recovery Solutions

Our Managed Backup Solution saves your critical business data multiple times a day both locally on an external hard drive on site and as well to a secure off-site storage location. Our team is able to access these backups when you need them in order to restore files, folders, or entire hard drives when needed. Techspedite also helps scale your cloud services and storage specifications to manage your business data efficiently.

Whether your business data needs to be recovered due to accidental deletion, file corruption, lost data following power outages, system failures, or other disasters, you can rest assured knowing that your data is safe and secure and that the Techspedite team of professionals will get you back up and doing business with minimal downtime.

The most common types of data loss and disaster that a business will face are:

Viruses and Malware

Successful email phishing campaigns can infect your network with viruses and malware. Cybercriminals can corrupt or hijack data, creating significant problems for the company and requesting a ransom for it's return. Develop a robust cybersecurity plan, to include secure backup solutions, to eliminate these risks.

Hard Drive Failures

At any point in time, your hard drive could fail without warning. That is why it is crucial to begin backing up your systems and data as soon as possible. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars to mitigate loss after it happens, you can work with an IT expert to activate a backup plan.

Fire and Water Damage

Your computer likely won’t survive significant physical damage such as a fire or water catastrophe. Many companies suffer data loss from natural disasters and simple workplace accidents. Always have a backup plan ready, so the only thing you need to replace is the computer itself.

Avoid losing hudreds of hours of work and information because of accidents or malicious threats from online predators.

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Since many businesses rely on stored data, having differential backups is essential

Why Data Backup & Proactive Recovery Are Essential

Losing this data can be financially detrimental to you and your business. It could also harm your brand’s reputation.

In addition, data loss can hurt employee workflow and take away hours of productivity in the office. Lowered productivity can continue to damage your bottom line. Some reports conclude that 60% of small and mid-size companies go out of business within a year of a hack.

Your company’s existence may depend on having at least one reliable backup plan. Proactive recovery also helps your company identify and implement backup strategies for the future.

With this method, you don’t have to worry about the “what ifs.” Let’s take a look at some advantages of implementing a backup plan:

  • Secured Data
  • A Professional Reputation
  • Saving money by reducing last-minute disaster recovery expenses
  • Optimal productivity

Most reputable companies take the time to develop data backup and recovery plans that work for them. Procrastinating on this task increases the risk of disaster.

Data Backup & Recovery Houston
What you can do

Start Securing Your Data With Techspedite

At Techspedite, we help companies understand the value of proactive backup and recovery. We offer solutions to store your data both locally and remotely without any hassle to your business operations. Our experienced team will recommend proactive tools and technology to help streamline your IT backups, so you don’t have to worry about it.

If disaster strikes, we will ensure quick access to your data through backup software.

Now is the time to begin securing your data. Techspedite can give you an IT assessment to identify your network’s strengths and weaknesses. Let us help you get the reliable backup and recovery solution you need.

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