Network Security Houston, TX

Few things are as crucial as protecting private data and digital resources in a business.

A network security threat can enter your business from all sides: email, websites, and more. Our team promotes network security through integrated solutions at the leading edge of cyber threat prevention. We partner with companies to maintain their IT infrastructure so that private information stays private.

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Network Security in Houston, TX
We Work with various types of network security tools and software

How We Protect Your Houston Business with Proactive Network Security

We use advanced firewalls and other systems to protect computer networks from intrusions, trojan viruses, spyware, botnets and other malicious code. Security threats are on the rise, but with Techspedite you can let us do the heavy lifting. Our service will monitor network traffic and keep an eye on potentially dangerous activity. You can feel confident your technology is safe, knowing we will stop harmful malware in its tracks.

Emails create vulnerabilities in your network that cybercriminals can use to exploit your business. We take email security seriously and protect your business from phishing attempts. This way, employees can navigate their inboxes without fear.

Our intrusion detection tools boost your cybersecurity and make identifying threats easier by:

Protecting Your Business's Sensitive Data

Nothing is more important in your business than your company data, let us protect it for you.

Fighting Off Harmful Malware & Viruses

Enterprise class endpoint antivirus and malware protection is a must, and it comes standard with our services.

Identifying & Blocking Malicious Emails

In today's environment, with the vast phising and spam attacks directed at business email, let us help limit your exposure.

Through our managed service options, we scale and protect your data with our cloud security and our in-depth reports will keep you updated with network activity.

We fortify the weak links in your IT security, so you don’t miss a thing. Give us a call today at 281-318-1680 for your free consultation.

Don't let your business fall victim to cyber attacks

Why Cybersecurity Is Essential to Your Business

Cybersecurity is more critical than ever as the internet develops and grows. Third-party entities can easily attack weak networks without the owner’s knowledge.

  • Web Security

    A hacked network can be detrimental to your business’s reputation. For instance, website hijackers can change important information on your site. These problems could even create legal liabilities for your company to navigate.

    Not only this, but some will demand ransoms for passwords.

    Protect your data and money by locking cybercriminals out. A professional IT team like Techspedite can help you fortify the network security against attacks. These strategies will also help to educate your employees on what to look for when identifying malware.

  • Mobile Device Security

    Most workplaces utilize mobile phones and applications to streamline work. These devices are also vulnerable to cyberattacks if they are not adequately secure.

    We help you protect mobile devices and other integrated technology. With this benefit, you get the most out of your security.

  • Content Filtering

    Ads, pop-ups, and distracting content can be dangerous elements in the office. These features can slow workflow and open doors to cybercriminal activity.

    Our IT specialists can plan and implement systems of content filtering that protect employees from these annoyances.

    We can identify and remove troublesome content by partnering with you to discuss your standards. We will continue to monitor unusual activity and resolve it at the source.

Cybersecurity for Businesses in Houston, TX
Every business should understand the importance of thorough cybersecurity

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Network security starts with an assessment. You can reach out to Techspedite today to schedule yours, and we will help you get familiar with the ins and outs of basic cybersecurity demands.

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